Property Development

Linnick Group spent many years restoring historic properties in the South West of England.

Linnick specialised in the redevelopment of 'brown field' sites. This means that they reused existing properties and structures situated on land previously designated as industrial or residential where they redesigned the plot to restore its features and maximise the usage of its space. It specialised in the renovation of derelict buildings found on such land, where previously neglected structures were re-engineered and thoroughly reconstructed, based on their historic appearance. Interiors were meticulously restored and updated to modern standards and trends.

  • Property development
  • Listed buildings
  • Full renovations
  • Brown field sites
  • Re-engineered and/or reconstructed
  • Restoration of original features
  • Inclusion of modern technology and facilities
  • Additional structures designed and built


View some of our developments below. Select a thumbnail image, which depicts a property before renovation took place, and view an equivalent photograph of the restored building in the main image. Hover over the larger image to view further information about the development.

Project Name: The Athenaeum
The owners of Linnick Group are trustees of this theatre and community centre in Warminster, Wiltshire, where they have charitably restored this building for the local community. Work was completed in 2013 for a new block of toilet facilities.

  • Athenaeum Before