Major Holiday Park Completed

The planning and construction phases of a major new holiday park were completed in 2014. Linnick Engineering successfully bid to design and implement the parks mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

Linnick Engineering has been running engineering projects for one of Europe's largest residential leisure companies for more than 20 years. In Spring 2012, the company successfully submitted several designs for new integrated infrastructure systems to this client. This engineering project was a major new development and included the design and installation of an entirely new infrastructure.
Large scale residential systems were assessed in order to integrate modern technologies for energy usage and communication into the new infrastructure. The entire infrastructures for gas, water, high and low voltage, television and data communications were installed.

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Infrastructure for industrial and domestic water and electical systems is exceptionally well planned and laid by Linnick Engineering.


Cabling for television and data communications is effectively installed to allow all residences access to the most modern technology.